GBBC’s Annual Reports


Stronger Together: Rebuilding after the Maelstrom of Markets

2022 was a year of promise, hope, and challenges. With a tough road ahead in 2023, the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is delighted to showcase the scope of our members’ work and present the full potential of blockchain and web3.

“We have come a long way. We have been through ups and downs, and GBBC remains committed to our mission of education, partnership, and advocacy as a community of changemakers and leaders. This challenging time is no different. We remain steadfast, reliable, and true to our values of integrity, transparency, and collaboration.”

— Sandra Ro, CEO, GBBC 

The annual report showcases our community: the brilliant industry leaders, regulators, and policymakers who work with each other to accelerate the adoption of digital finance. With the merger between GBBC and GDF, we are stronger than ever. We look forward to supporting our members, regulators, and global changemakers in 2023 and beyond — into the next era of digital commerce.” 

— Emma Joyce, CEO, GDF 

Read GBBC’s Annual Report 2022, Stronger Together: Rebuilding after the Maelstrom of Markets’ to explore the endeavors of our community and learn more about GBBC’s initiatives from the past year, including the Global Standards Mapping Initiative, the launch of Food for Crisis, and more.

Thank you to our CONTRIBUTORS

Thank you to our GBBC member contributors: 7CC Investments, Algorand Foundation, Blockchain Triangle, Criptonite Asset Management, Circulor, ConsenSys, Digital Asset, Evertas, Filecoin Foundation, Fineqia, Hedera, Hut 8 Mining, Hyphen Earth, IMAN, IOV Labs, Kaiko, Kenja, Latham & Watkins, Lukka, Lykke Business, NOIR, Orbs, PoA Studios, Powerledger, Provenance Blockchain Foundation, Rethink Ledgers, Ripple, SBI Digital Asset Holdings, SDX, Soramitsu, Tergo,, VMware, and Wave Financial