BITA Standards Council (BITA)

BITA Standards Council (BITA) is merging with Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) to launch an initiative using blockchain technology to improve global supply chains. 

This Open-Source Supply Chain Standards effort will be led by market leaders FedEx, UPS, Salesforce, and Delta Air Lines. BITA will become an initiative of GBBC and BITA members will become members of GBBC. The combined association will have more than 500 institutional members, and 231 Ambassadors across 109 jurisdictions and disciplines. 


What is BITA?

Originally established in 2017 as the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, and currently BITA Standards Council, Inc., BITA is a not-for-profit standards organization focused on the creation of open-source and royalty-free data standards in the global transportation and commerce (supply chain) space. 

What is BITA’s vision/mission?

BITA Standards Council provides open-source standards for blockchain/Web3-enabled global commerce and, collaborating with other like-minded entities, will drive the global effort to map, produce, publish, and adopt those standards. 

Why does this merger benefit both BITA and GBBC?

GBBC continues its history of convening global changemakers to scale and execute initiatives around the world. Recognizing the importance of borderless and end-to end multi-stakeholder collaboration, GBBC and BITA will join its collective network power and know-how to bring open-source and royalty-free data standards in the global transportation and commerce supply chain space into reality. Further, BITA’s work in global supply chain will add to GBBC’s open-source library of high-profile blockchain and distributed ledger real world use case standards that GBBC members have developed in sustainability and digital finance. 

What outputs has BITA previously delivered?

BITA’s previous and current focus is on defining the business of Multi-Modal Shipment Inventory Tracking and Tracing (STT). The core of this work revolves around shipment location, party and tracking. 

What are expected BITA/GBBC deliverables?

The combined BITA/GBBC efforts, including harmonizing with other key standards entities, will create a true end-to-end view of supply chain and global commerce data standards, which can then be used to create reference architecture using those standards. Completing this end-to-end establishes a pathway to streamline subsequent work and will require a global view and focus to be successful. 

My company is a member of GBBC, how do I get involved with BITA?

GBBC’s extensive global member community will have the opportunity to participate in BITA’s working groups and contribute to BITA’s projects. If you or your organization are interested in getting involved with BITA, please contact [email protected]. 

Who is on BITA’s leadership team?

BITA’s existing Board of Directors will become the Leadership Team for GBBC’s BITA efforts, driving the initiative’s strategy in cooperation with GBBC’s leadership. BITA’s Leadership Team will be comprised of: 

  • Dale Chrystie, Business Fellow and Blockchain Strategist, FedEx 
  • Dr. Veneetia Johnson, Director, TechOps Technology and Innovation Engineering, Delta Air Lines 
  • Greg Brown, Vice President – Technology Strategy and R&D, UPS 
  • Bob Hitt, Industry Advisor, Transportation & Logistics, Salesforce 
  • Paul Rapino, Chief Growth Officer, GBBC 
    What if I have a question that was not answered in the FAQs?

    Contact [email protected] for any questions you may have. 

    BITA Leadership

    Dale Chrystie

    Dale Chrystie

    Chairman, BITA Standards Council; Business Fellow and Blockchain Strategist, FedEx

    Dr. Veneetia Johnson

    Dr. Veneetia Johnson

    Director, TechOps Technology and Innovation Engineering, Delta Air Lines

    Bob Hitt

    Bob Hitt

    Industry Advisor, Transportation & Logistics, Salesforce

    Greg Brown

    Greg Brown

    Vice President - Technology Strategy and R&D, UPS

    Paul Rapino

    Paul Rapino

    Chief Growth Officer, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)