GBBC Giving

GBBC Giving, a nonprofit organization under the aegis of the GBBC, is dedicated to galvanizing support amongst the blockchain and digital asset community to empower underserved communities globally to mitigate the widening digital divide and democratize access to opportunity, regardless of gender, age, geography, disability, or socioeconomic status.

The Los Angeles Blockchain Lab, LLC and LA Blockchain Center (LA Blockchain Lab and Center) have joined forces under GBBC’s corporate umbrella with Center becoming ‘GBBC Giving,’ the parent entity of LA Blockchain Lab.

Food for Crisis, a Web3 Initiative

There is a looming food crisis on the horizon; however, it is not a food shortage problem. The frictions associated with the food crisis stem from a food logistics problem. With Web3 tools, we can tackle the food crisis and #disrupthunger. 

GBBC Giving and the World Food Programme’s (WFP) Innovation Accelerator have partnered to launch the ‘Food for Crisis’ initiative, which seeks to raise funds for the WFP; initially focusing on a pilot targeting $100 million of donations in fiat, crypto, or benefits in kind, with a moonshot target of $1 billion in raised funds if the pilot proves successful.   

Ways to Get Involved