‘Open-Source Ideas’ Series

GBBC and member authored reports that cut through the noise to provide analysis of complex issues by leveraging the expertise of GBBC’s network of technologists, legal experts, lawmakers, and executives.

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Part II: Proof-of-Work Mining:
Spotlight on Hut 8 Mining

Published 14 September 2021

GBBC Overviews & Special Reports

GBBC Overview of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Published 9 August 2021

GBBC Overview of U.S. Financial Services: Announcements on Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Digital Assets

Published 1 April 2021

Utility Tokens and ERC-20 ICOs: Where are we now?

Published 14 May 2020

GBBC Top Ten Reports

GBBC Top Ten – Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Highlights

Published 22 July 2021


Part I: Digital Asset Laws in Switzerland

Published 17 June 2021


Part I: Delivering 21st Century Information Security

Published 14 January 2021

Part II: Implications of Quantum Computing

Published 8 April 2021

Global Energy

Part I: Blockchain Technology in Energy Markets:
Spotlight on Power Ledger

Published 28 January 2021


Part II: Proof-of-Work Mining:
Spotlight on Hut 8 Mining

Published 14 September 2021

Digital Money

Part I: The Rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies, Spotlight on Project Bakong

Published 15 December 2020

Building Human-Centric Technology

Part I: Empowering Women and Girls through Blockchain

Published 19 November 2020

State of Global Voting Systems, Technology, and Government

Part I: Voting in the USA – Can Technology Help Defend Democracy?

Published 13 November 2019

Part II: Examining Vulnerabilities of Voting Machines

Published 6 May 2020

Blockchain Technology in the Buy Side Industry

Part I: Examining the State of Blockchain Technology & Buy Side Adoption

Published 4 December 2019

Part II: Legal and Regulatory Challenges 

Published 22 April 2020

The Future of Urban Living

Part I: The Rise of “Smart Cities”

Published 17 March 2020

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