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The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the leading global industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem with nearly 500 institutional members, and 178 Ambassadors from 95 jurisdictions and disciplines.

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 Member benefits are highly tailored to the needs of each individual member company. The appropriate membership tier for your company will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about GBBC membership benefits below.

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Please note: All GBBC members are carefully vetted and approved by our leadership.

Key Pillars


The GBBC serves as an ​educational hub for​ businesses, governments, and regulatory bodies seeking to learn more about blockchain technology and benefit from its uses 


The GBBC advocates adoption of blockchain technology and supports the development of industry standards and thoughtful regulation 


The GBBC facilitates partnerships between organizations of all kinds, with a focus on building public-private, commercial, and academic alliances that support the needs of our members

Our Focuses

Digital Infrastructure and the Digital Economy

Engaging with governments, academia, and the private sector on the state of digital infrastructure building, governance, and oversight. 

Global Standards and Regulation

Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) 2.0, a continuation and expansion of the first comprehensive effort to map blockchain and digital asset standards and regulation globally. GSMI 2.0 will be spearheaded by 9 working groups, each focused on a topic of critical importance to the continued advancement of the blockchain technology and digital assets ecosystem. GSMI 2.0 Working Group analysis and recommendations will culminate into a final report to be release Q4 2021. Learn More

Sustainable and Resilient Systems

Continuing to work with organizations and institutions across the public and private sector to tackle society's most-pressing challenges, including next-generation capital markets, digital identity, and climate change.

Membership Benefits


GBBC curates and participates in events around the world to advocate on behalf of members, and educate industry leaders and decision makers on the benefits and applications of blockchain technology.

Members gain exclusive access to engagements, speaking opportunities, and sponsorships. Members also receive discounts and free tickets to non-GBBC events.

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Media and Messaging

The GBBC can help promote your product or business through its media channels, events, tailored speaking engagements, and more.

GBBC also organizes and produces a series of online forums, including the GBBC Virtual Members’ Forum, GBBC & Global Digital Finance’s Global Leaders Series, GBBC Investor Series, and University Dialogues to highlight the innovative work of our members around the world, and build meaningful partnerships. Watch Episodes Here 


Reports and Thought Leadership

Members are invited to submit their blockchain use cases and solutions to the GBBC’s Use Case Library – a collection of best in class applications, designed for government officials, business leaders, and regulators who want to understand how blockchain technology is being used. 

Members may also co-author an “Open-Source Idea” series report with the GBBC focused on a complex issue facing the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. Additional thought leadership opportunities available on a case-by-case basis. 

Member-Driven Working Groups

Join your colleagues and peers to contribute to the Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) 2.0, a continuation and expansion of the first comprehensive effort to map and analyze blockchain and digital asset standards and regulation globally. Learn more 

Legal and Regulatory Updates

Members are invited to participate in bimonthly legal and regulatory calls led by the GBBC’s Legal and Regulatory Group. Members also gain access to legal analysis and updates on the latest legal and regulatory developments affecting the ecosystem. Learn more

InterWork Alliance (IWA)

IWA empowers organizations to adopt and use token-powered services in their day-to-day operations, across use cases and networks, bringing inclusivity to globally distributed applications. Founded in 2020, and merged in 2021 with the GBBC, IWA is a key rallying point for organizations to collaborate on market-driven interwork standards and taxonomy to transform digital interchanges of value. Learn more 

Post Trade Distributed Ledger (PTDL) Group

Regulated financial institutions, legal firms, and representatives from academia across GBBC’s membership are invited to join more than 80 institutional members in the Post Trade Distributed Ledger (PTDL) Group for exclusive events and monthly meetings to discuss distributed ledger technology applications and regulatory developments in financial services. Learn more 


Annual Report

Each year, GBBC members are invited to contribute to the GBBC’s Annual Report, a widely distributed overview of the blockchain technology ecosystem and the GBBC’s work. 

Contributors have included the Accenture, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), Procter & Gamble, and Bitfury Group.

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Industry News

Stay up-to-date on the GBBC’s latest activities, blockchain trends, regulatory updates, and news with GBBC’s weekly newsletter, quarterly legal and regulatory calls, and via social media. Learn more

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