GBBC Community – Author Showcase

WTF is Happening? Women Tech Founders On the Rise

By Nisa Amoils (GBBC Ambassador, Buy-Side)

In WTF, tech investor Nisa Amoils profiles a dozen female founders whose remarkable work will make a profound difference in the way we live tomorrow. This eye-opening volume provides a new appreciation of the extraordinary strides being made in disruptive technology by female entrepreneurs who are building a new world.

Handbook of Blockchain Law

By Dr. Matthias Artzt (Editor-in-Chief, GBBC’s IJBL) and Thomas Richter

Because blockchain is a relatively new technology still in process and raises a multitude of legal questions, this well-balanced introduction – at a depth that allows non-IT experts to understand the groundwork for legal assessments – provides a solid basis for organizations and their legal advisors in identifying and resolving blockchain-related issues.

Transparency in ESG and the Circular Economy: Capturing Opportunities Through Data

By Diana Barrero Zalles (GBBC) and Cristina Dolan

ESG affects the daily lives of everyone in today’s connected world where organizations, companies, and individuals depend on each other at various levels. Lack of sustainability for any entity threatens its future existence, disrupting the entire ecosystem. The use of data to measure ESG outcomes is a young science that is increasingly critical to upholding our very lifestyle. 

The Starfish and the Spider

By Rod A. Beckstrom (GBBC Ambassador, United States) and Ori Brafman

The Starfish and the Spider explores what happens when starfish take on spiders and reveals how established companies and institutions, from IBM to Intuit to the U.S. government, are also learning how to incorporate starfish principles to achieve success.

The Bitcoin Cinderella

By Jacqueline Cooper (GBBC Ambassador, Media)

Step into the world of enchantment and innovation with the Bitcoin Cinderella blockchain adventure series. Join Samantha as she explores all aspects of the blockchain on a quest to find her mother (one of the original Bitcoin blockchain engineers). Prepare to be captivated as you delve deep into international fairytales intertwined with blockchain terminology and use applications. A new genre has been created – blockchain historical fiction.

The Bitcoin Cinderella & The 7 Dwarves

By Jacqueline Cooper (GBBC Ambassador, Media)

Prepare to be captivated as you delve deep into the history of Bitcoin mining, expertly woven into the story by the seven dwarves. But beware, danger lurks around every corner, as the evil Queen will stop at nothing to silence Snow White, using blockchain secrets and a magical mirror to achieve her malevolent goals.

Digital Money Demystified: Go From Cash to Crypto Safely, Legally and Confidently

By Tonya Evans (Of GBBC Member Penn State University)

Digital Money Demystified empowers investors and future-forward business owners to go from “crypto curious” to confident while avoiding the scammers, carnival barkers, and status quo hawkers. This is the right book in the right voice at the right time.

COVID-19 Viral Sepsis: Impact on Disparities, Disability and Health Outcomes

By Cindy Hou (GBBC Ambassador, Healthcare)

Dr. Uzma Syed and Cindy Hou co-edited this book about COVID-19, an important cause of viral sepsis. The book discusses key concepts behind sepsis, viral sepsis, and then delves into COVID-19. Expand your knowledge into clinical manifestations, treatment, and sequelae.

The STO Financial Revolution - How Security Tokens Change Businesses Forever

By Alex Nascimento (GBBC Ambassador, Uruguay)

 With the collaboration of over 50 blockchain experts, the third edition features exclusive case studies from UNICEF, BTG Pactual, Polymath and more. The book has been adopted into the UCLA curriculum and has been presented at multiple international blockchain conferences.

Tectonic Shifts: How Blockchain Technology Changes Everything

By Bryant Nielson

In “Tectonic Shifts: How Blockchain Technology Changes Everything,” you’ll embark on a thrilling journey into the world of blockchain, the revolutionary technology that is transforming industries, governments, and the very fabric of our digital lives. Prepare to be captivated as the author unveils the origins of blockchain, its incredible potential, and the challenges it must overcome to reshape our world.

Wealthcare: Demystifying Web3 and the Rise of Personal Data Economies

By Brigitte Piniewski (Of GBBC Member Oregon Blockchain Group)

Web3 offers a fundamental community co-production of both health intelligence and societal wealth. This book provides the what, why and how we get this done. Together we can build the fire hose of ground truths to ensure AI generates trusted insights that benefit us all.