Use Case Library

A collection of best in class applications of blockchain technology across industries. Explore the use case library to see how blockchain technology is changing the way your industry does business.

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Using Smart Contract to Underwrite Climate Risk 

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) has partnered with The Demex Group, a climate risk insurance firm backed by reinsurer Munich Re, to employ distributed ledger and smart contract technology to deliver a commercial platform that enables disparate parties to transact in an efficient and trustworthy manner to serve businesses whose revenue models are impacted by weather-related events. 


Democratization of Power Using Blockchain

Power Ledger has developed systems that improve the functionality of distributed energy resources like microgrids and solar panels.

Streamlined Post-Trade Commodity System

Many of the world’s largest energy companies have come together to develop a blockchain-based post-trade commodity process.


Blockchain Applications in the Biomedical Domain: A Scoping Review

Certain features of blockchain technology, such as security, immutability, and privacy, have led some proponents to believe it can improve a range of biomedical-related processes.

Monitoring the Nation’s Health

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are piloting a blockchain program that can securely monitor and identify national health crises.

Improving Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Healthcare industry stakeholders have come together to develop a blockchain platform to reduce the presence of falsified and substandard drugs.

Digital Health Records

Estonia has used blockchain to dramatically overhaul its healthcare system.

Platform to Fund Scientific Research

ViralCure is a blockchain platform that allows individuals to fund scientific research.


West Virginia’s Mobile Voting Application

West Virginia successfully collaborated with Voatz to bring blockchain-based mobile voting to overseas voters.

Public-Private Land Titling Project

Bitfury and the Republic of Georgia successfully partnered to put the country’s land titling system on the blockchain.

Secure Digital ID

Blockchain can be used to dramatically overhaul digital identities for global travelers.

Digital ID for Displaced Populations

Blockchain technology is currently being deployed to create and secure digital identities for displaced Rohingya Muslims.

Financial Services

Improving Debt Capital Markets with Blockchain

The World Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia completed a successful blockchain project that showed the technology can improve debt capital markets. 

Enabling Charities to Receive Bitcoin Donations

Fidelity developed a system that allows charities to receive donations in bitcoin.

Bond Issuance on the Blockchain

Bond issuance can be streamlined by eliminating intermediaries, enabled by blockchain-based peer-to-peer transactions.

Improving Financial Access for Unbanked Populations

The National Bank of Cambodia and Soramitsu are collaborating to increase access to financial services for the country’s large unbanked population.

Business Processes

Blockchain Platform for Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce Blockchain enables businesses to securely and effectively share data and information.

Supply Chain

Improving the Aerospace Parts Market

It is clear that the aerospace parts industry is due for a transformation, and blockchain could be the key to that transformation.

Reducing Illegal Fishing and Slavery in the Tuna Industry

Using a combination of RFID, QR code, and blockchain technology, fishermen are able to register their catches in real time, creating a record from “bait to plate.”

Bringing Transparency to Food Supply Chain Management

Walmart is using blockchain to improve the transparency and security of its food tracking system.

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Solutions for Diamonds, Gemstones, and Minerals

Everledger uses blockchain to ensure the quality and sourcing of diamonds, gemstones, and minerals.

Mitigating Forced Labor in Global Supply Chains

Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department are developing a platform that will reduce the use of forced labor in the company’s supply chain.


Australian Blockchain Platform Reduces Farmers’ Risk

Agridigital successfully implemented a blockchain pilot project that improved financial security for farmers and increased efficiency in the grain supply chain.

Tracking Provenance and Authenticity of Products

The Latitude 28° platform allows Australian beef producers to transact directly with consumers while reducing counterfeits.

Real Estate

Digitizing Real Estate Transactions

Propy joined with cities in Vermont on a pilot project to digitize real estate transactions.


Blockchain to Combat Misleading and Misused Content

Public blockchains make it possible to reduce the spread of false information and ensure creators are credited for their work.


Reducing Ocean Plastic

Plastic Bank’s blockchain platform both reduces the flow of plastic into the oceans and provides a reliable source of income for individuals in developing countries.