About Event

The 2017 crypto boom brought often overstated and sometimes impossible claims of institutional investment and adoption by 2018.  Custody issues, liquidity, regulatory uncertainty, bad actors, security and importantly, a 75% price decline all slowed the pace of institutional adoption.

Just when digital assets appeared to be all but forgotten, JP Morgan announced the JPM Coin, to be used for international payments, securities transactions, and treasury services.  Other coin announcements are soon to follow.   The Yale Investment office invested in Andreessen Horowitz’s $350 million a16z crypto venture fund.  And in a February 2019 Cambridge Associates suggested it was time for institutions to begin exploring crypto assets.

At this conference, we’ll uncover the multifaceted adoption of digital assets by institutions, and the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

GBBC's CEO, Sandra Ro will be a keynote speaker at the conference.