InterWork Alliance (IWA)


Carbon Emission Token Protocol – Version for Public Comment

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)’s InterWork Alliance (IWA) has announced the release of the Carbon Emission Token (CET) Protocol – Version for Public Comment.

The CET Protocol uses the IWA’s Token Taxonomy Framework to define, and provide guidance for, the tokenization of emissions. The goal of this effort is to advance and strengthen emissions reporting through technical guidance, specifications, and best practices of tokenized carbon emissions and related data structures. 

By leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT), emitting organizations can gain:

  • Transparency, accuracy, and quality in data for inter-organizational and intra-organizational emissions following verifiable methodologies and rulesets for accounting.
  • Referenceability across parties for indirect emissions reporting.
  • A clear aggregate view of the ecological footprint of emitters globally.

We would like to share this document with the community to gather feedback and comments which can be taken in by the group, synthesized, and incorporated back into the document to ensure that we provide robust guidance to the market. Please submit any comments or feedback to [email protected] by February 17th, 2024.