Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and GBBC Digital Finance (GDF) are thrilled to introduce our Mid-Year Global Policy Update.  

This report seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the organizations’ public and select private engagements with policymakers and industry stakeholders since the beginning of the year and serves as a guide to map the current regulatory landscape and future prospects for digital assets and blockchain technology policies in 2023. 
GBBC and GDF express our gratitude to our members, who represent the most significant thought leaders across industry, academia, NGOs, government agencies, and regulatory bodies. It is through your contributions and support over the past six months that these opportunities for meaningful dialogue have been created. 
Together, we can seize the immense potential of these emerging technologies and build a future where digital assets and blockchain technology contribute to the important principle echoed by GDF Board Member, Greg Medcraft, during this year’s Salzburg Finance Forum: “Finance is not an end in itself but rather a means to an end. The end goal is to create a more stable, prosperous, and just society that benefits all of its members, not just a privileged few.” 

Access the report here.