The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is pleased to announce the release of the Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) 3.0, the most comprehensive effort to map and analyze the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem across six key areas: 

  1. Digital Assets Regulation Map 
  1. Taxonomy  
  1. Technical Standards 
  1. Blockchain & Digital Assets Landscape  
  1. University Courses & Degree Programs 
  1. Fact Cards on Key Themes 

GSMI 3.0 builds upon GSMI 2.0 – released in 2021 – by mapping, cataloging, and analyzing data from 210  jurisdictions with regulatory developments for blockchain and digital assets, 180+ terms in a sector-specific taxonomy, 50 technical standards bodies, 2,000+ stakeholders in the blockchain and digital assets landscape, and 700+ university courses and degree programs to provide a holistic view of the industry’s global activity. 

As information travels faster in the digital age, GSMI 3.0 also addresses the need for digestible information by providing executive summaries on the importance of each resource, interactive data tables, and visual fact cards that illustrate main themes in the space and simplify concepts covered in GSMI 2.0. 

Through this initiative, GBBC had the pleasure of partnering with the 2022 IFC-Milken Institute Capital Market Scholars Program. Milken Scholars Marwan Gzllal and Edmund Tamuke played instrumental roles by assisting with research, as well as the continuation of a comprehensive effort to map global standards and regulation for blockchain and digital assets.  

GBBC also thanks its academic partners, the University of Zurich, the University of Arkansas – Sam M. Walton College of Business, Singapore Management University, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, and the University of Birmingham for collaborating for the duration of an eight-month fellowship, providing GBBC with exceptional students who also contributed to the research and analysis of the GSMI 3.0 update. 

All GSMI reports and resources are crowd-sourced and open access, intended to serve as a trusted source of information regarding blockchain and digital assets.

“GSMI 3.0 is the culmination of the contributions of a diverse, international group of stakeholders over the past three years, all dedicated to addressing some of the perennial challenges facing the blockchain and digital assets industry. We are proud not only to continue our efforts in fostering this initiative, but also for the unwavering support of so many industry leaders and their invaluable time in bringing GSMI 3.0 to fruition. As we collectively head into the new year, we hope the GSMI will continue to serve as a free and reliable resource for anyone seeking a macro, global perspective.”

GBBC CEO, Sandra Ro

About GBBC

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the largest leading industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets community. Launched in Davos in 2017, GBBC is a Swiss-based non-profit, with more than 500 institutional members, and 231 Ambassadors across 109 jurisdictions and disciplines. The organization is dedicated to furthering adoption of blockchain technology by convening regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers to foster collaboration and advance dialogue to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies.