Recently, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) introduced our 2023 IFC-Milken Institute Capital Market Scholars, Abror Mirzo Olimov and Gabriela Shibata, who play a key role in assisting with the development and creation of GBBC’s Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) GSMI 4.0; a continuation and expansion of a comprehensive effort to survey the global ecosystem of blockchain and digital assets.

Today, we invite you to get to know Abror and Gabriela, what they are working on for GSMI, and how they see blockchain and digital assets impacting the globe.

Gabriela Shibata

Gabriela Shibata has been working at the Brazilian stock exchange for the past 10 years, where she currently holds the position of Head of Cash Equities Products.  Gabriela plays a key role in developing the Brazilian Capital Markets, leading several strategic initiatives to foster the growth of equities, promoting market maker programs, collaborating with regulators to enhance the Brazilian regulatory framework, and exploring innovative projects such as securities tokenization.  

Meet Gabriela:

Abror Mirzo Olimov

Abror Mirzo Olimov is the Deputy Director of the Monetary Operations Department at the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. His team works on issuing government bonds and Central Bank bills in the money market in line with the inflation targeting regime. Prior to that, Abror was the Head of Division at the Department of Prudential Supervision of Credit Institutions, where his main responsibility was to ensure that banks were operating in a safe and sound manner, complying with all the necessary requirements and regulations.

Meet Abror:

GBBC values its strong relationship with the Milken Institute and is proud to be a hosting partner for the IFC-Milken Institute Capital Market Scholars this year. Thank you to Carole Biau and Shannon Stroud for the opportunity.