Updated May 23rd, 2023

As part of Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)’s continuing endeavors to breakdown complex blockchain concepts into easily digestible visualizations, GBBC has introduced varied sets of infographics expanding on specific subjects within the industry.

Web3, the 3rd generation of the Internet, is based on decentralized networks and enabled by using emerging technologies including blockchain, tokenization, AI, metaverse, and more. GBBC members are continuously evaluating how emerging technologies can be utilized to address pressing challenges locally and globally, and identify the solutions offered that are not as easily accessible in Web2. 

GBBC is delighted to expand the reach and accessibility for our global community by introducing the educational Web3 Infographics in Spanish. The Web3 Infographics highlight the purpose of Web3, the technologies involved, and the different use cases being applied today.

Para resaltar la aceleración de las herramientas Web3 durante el año pasado, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) lanzó una serie inicial de infografías para demostrar el propósito de la Web3, las tecnologías que involucra y los varios casos de uso que se van desarrollando hoy. 

El equipo de GBBC se encuentra encantado de ampliar el alcance y accesibilidad de estos recursos para nuestra comunidad global al presentar estas infografías educativas sobre la Web3 en español.

Download the Web3 Infographics (English) here.

Acceda nuestra infografía Web3 (en español) aquí.

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